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FIFA Mobile is a really popular game for football fans, and it feels just like the real thing. In the game, you need something called FIFA Points to unlock new stuff and make your team better. But you might wonder, how do you get these points? Well, this blog post is all about that. We’re going to show you different ways to get FIFA Points the right way, so you can have the best team in the game. Let’s get started and learn how to get FIFA Points in FIFA Mobile!

Earning Points Through Gameplay

Daily Login Rewards

In FIFA Mobile, if you make it a habit to log in every day, you can get FIFA Points. It’s like getting a little gift each time you open the game. Some days you might get a few points, and other days you might get a lot. It’s always a nice surprise to see what you’ll get. This keeps the game exciting because you never know what the daily reward will be.

When you log in every day, it’s good for you and good for the game. It’s like getting a little thank you for coming back. This can help you get better at the game because those points can add up over time. You can use them to get new players or other cool things in the game. Even if you’re busy and can’t play a lot, just logging in helps you out.

Everyone who plays FIFA Mobile can get these daily login points, no matter if they’re new to the game or have been playing for a long time. It’s a fair way to make sure all players can get something just for showing up. So, even on days when you can’t play a full game, you can still help your team by just logging in. It’s a simple part of the game, but it’s important.

Completing Daily Objectives

Every day in FIFA Mobile, there’s a list of special tasks called daily objectives. These are like little challenges that ask you to do things like score a certain number of goals or win a game. When you finish these tasks, you get FIFA Points as a reward. 

To access daily objectives, simply navigate to the objectives tab in the game’s menu. Here, you will find a list of objectives that are available to complete. These daily objectives are great because they give you new goals to work towards every day.

 It keeps the game fresh and exciting. Plus, it feels good to complete these tasks and see your FIFA Points go up. It’s like crossing things off a to-do list and getting a prize for it. And the best part is, these points can help you get better players or other items that make your team stronger.

Doing these daily objectives can really help you move forward in the game. It’s not just about the points; it’s also about getting better at playing. As you work on these tasks, you learn more about how to play the game and get better at it. So, it’s a win-win: you get rewards, and you improve your skills at the same time. 

It’s important to check in every day and see what new objectives you can complete to keep earning those points.

Winning Matches and Tournaments

In FIFA Mobile, every time you win a match or a tournament, you don’t just feel good, you also get FIFA Points. Think of it like a treasure chest that opens up after a victory. The harder the match or the bigger the tournament, the more points you might get. This means that when you choose which game to play, it’s smart to think about which ones will give you the most points if you win.

Winning isn’t just about getting points, though. It’s also about showing that you and your team are getting better. Every win is like a step up a ladder, taking you higher in the game. And the points you get can help you do even more. You can use them to make your team stronger or to join even bigger tournaments that have even better rewards.

So, winning in FIFA Mobile is really important. It’s a good idea to practice a lot and get really good at the game. That way, you can win more and get more points. And remember, every game and tournament is different, so look around and see which ones are the best for you to play. That’s how you can get the most points and have a lot of fun at the same time.

Completing Campaigns and Events

FIFA Mobile often brings out special campaigns and events that match up with what’s happening in the real world of football. When you take part in these and finish them, you can get FIFA Points. These events don’t last forever; they’re only around for a certain amount of time. So, it’s really important to check the game’s calendar to know when these events are happening.

These special events are cool because they make you feel like you’re part of the big football moments happening around the world. And when you finish these events, it’s not just about getting points. It’s also about having fun and feeling like you’re right there in the action. But you have to be quick because these events only last for a little while. If you miss them, you’ll have to wait until they come around again.

So, if you want to get more FIFA Points and enjoy some special football fun, keep an eye on the game’s events and campaigns. Join in, finish the challenges, and you’ll see your FIFA Points grow. It’s a great way to stay connected with the game and the sport and to get some nice rewards at the same time.

Utilizing Apps and Services

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a cool app where you can earn credits for the Google Play Store just by answering some survey questions. It’s like getting a little thank you in the form of credits for telling them what you think. Once you’ve got enough credits, you can use them to buy FIFA Points in FIFA Mobile.

It’s a handy way to get more FIFA Points without having to spend real money. You just share your opinions, collect credits, and then use them in the game. So, if you like sharing your thoughts and you want to get more points in FIFA Mobile, Google Opinion Rewards is a good app to try.


FeaturePoints is a service that gives you rewards for doing things like filling out surveys and shopping online. When you use it, you can earn different kinds of rewards, such as cash sent to your PayPal account or credits for the Google Play Store. You can save up these credits and then use them to get FIFA Points in FIFA Mobile.


InstaGC stands for “Instant Gift Cards,” and it’s a website where you can get points for doing easy things like watching videos or buying things online. You can then swap these points for Google Play credits. After you’ve collected enough credits, you can use them to buy FIFA Points in FIFA Mobile.

Bananatic App

Bananatic is an app that’s all about having fun and getting rewards at the same time. You get to play games, and as you do, you earn points called ‘bananas’. These ‘bananas’ can be turned into Google Play credits. When you’ve got enough credits, you can use them to get FIFA Points in FIFA Mobile.

MobileXpression Panel

MobileXpression Panel is an app that gives you credits every week just for keeping it active on your phone. You don’t have to do much – just use your phone like you normally would. Then, you can trade these credits for gift cards, which you can use to buy FIFA Points in FIFA Mobile.


InboxDollars is a website and app where you can make some money by doing really simple things like playing games, watching videos, or even checking out emails.

When you sign up for InboxDollars, they start you off with a $5 bonus just for joining, which is a nice little boost. If you’re a FIFA Mobile player, you can take that money and use it to buy FIFA Points.


Mistplay is an app that’s all about playing games and getting rewarded for it. If you’re someone who enjoys gaming on your phone, Mistplay can be a fun way to earn some extra perks. Once you have enough credits, you can go to FIFA Mobile and use them to buy FIFA Points.


Swagbucks is a popular online platform where you can earn points, known as Swagbucks, by doing a variety of activities. It’s like a virtual hub for earning rewards by doing the things you might already be doing online. For every 300 points you earn, you get $3.00, which you can cash out in different ways.

When you’ve collected a good amount of Swagbucks, you can redeem them for gift cards to places like Amazon or Walmart, or even get cash back through PayPal. If you’re a FIFA Mobile player, you can use these rewards to indirectly purchase FIFA Points.

It’s crucial to avoid websites or services that offer hacks or free points through illegitimate means. These can risk your account and personal data. Stick to the methods outlined here to ensure your account’s safety and integrity.


What are FIFA Points in FIFA Mobile?

FIFA Points are the in-game currency used in FIFA Mobile to purchase packs, enter challenges, and start new events. They can unlock new levels, players, and exclusive content within the game.

How can I get FIFA Points for free in FIFA Mobile?

You can earn free FIFA Points by participating in daily login rewards, completing daily objectives, and winning matches and tournaments. Additionally, apps like Google Opinion Rewards and Bananatic offer ways to earn credits that can be used to purchase FIFA Points.

Are there any apps that reward FIFA Points directly?

While no apps give FIFA Points directly, several apps like Google Opinion Rewards, FeaturePoints, and Bananatic allow you to earn credits or cash that can be used to buy FIFA Points in FIFA Mobile.

Is it safe to use third-party services to get FIFA Points?

It’s important to use only legitimate methods to acquire FIFA Points. Third-party services offering free points through hacks or cheats can risk your account and personal data. Stick to in-game methods and reputable apps to earn points safely.

Can I transfer FIFA Points to another account or player?

FIFA Points are non-transferable and are tied to the account that earned or purchased them. It’s not possible to transfer points between accounts or players within FIFA Mobile.

What happens to my FIFA Points if there’s an update or reset in FIFA Mobile?

If there’s a reset or update in FIFA Mobile, any FIFA Points you’ve purchased will be credited back to your account when you log in for the first time after the update, as long as you have connected your game to an EA account.

How often can I earn free FIFA Points through daily login rewards?

You can earn FIFA Points through daily login rewards every day. The amount may vary, but logging in consistently ensures you receive these rewards regularly.

Wrapping Up

Figuring out how to get FIFA Points in FIFA Mobile is pretty straightforward. You get points for this small step, and it’s like the game is saying thanks for coming back. Plus, if you complete a few tasks in the game each day, you’ll earn even more points. It’s like having a mini-goal every day, and when you achieve it, you get a prize that helps make your team stronger.

Then, there are cool apps like Google Opinion Rewards, FeaturePoints, and Swagbucks, where you can earn points or money by answering questions or shopping. You can use what you earn from these apps to buy FIFA Points. It’s a smart way to keep your FIFA Mobile team growing without spending real money. Just remember to stay away from cheats and stick to these safe ways to get ahead in the game.

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